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Just got my Our Nixon rewards in the mail! Brian L. Frye and Penny Lane’s found footage documentary made from Nixon aides’ Super 8 home movies was featured in this year’s Kickstarter Film Festival, and I have been 1000000% obsessed with this project since Day One.

- 1 official H.R. Haldeman holding a Super 8 camera bobblehead doll with “Every President needs an S.O.B. and I’m Nixon’s” tagline on the box — check.

- 1 set of Nixon Staff Super 8 Home Movies transferred to 9 DVDs — check. (Note: Just discovered that “Year 1971 Disc 1 of 2” includes Nixon’s daughter’s wedding. Hot dog!)

- 1 pouch of retro-inspired Nixon campaign pins — check

- 2 Nixon temp tatz (!) — doublecheck!

Needless to say, Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler is outrageously jealous of my mail.

It’s true — I’m jealous. I already emailed the creators to see if I could get one too. Amazing reward.